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FieldArt Challenge

Agents are you ready for another challenge? This weekend we have another event in Ingress for you guys to enjoy! Let’s see how creative you can get! Event Details This event will be taking place from Friday, July 23rd 4PM UTC to Monday, August 2nd 4PM UTC. The goal is to Read more…

News: FEV Games

Glyph the Planet!

Good afternoon Agents! We have a new event for this weekend and it is, obviously, one that i love. The whereabouts of P.A. Chapeau remains unknown, but it’s clear that he has returned and made his presence known through the Scanner News Feed. It seems that he still has more Read more…

News: FEV Games

IFS Artwork Competition Q3 2021

It’s time for the third round of the IFS Artwork Media competition for this year! To continue the year with sentiments of growth & rejuvenation, we are looking for artwork that delivers positive messages through existing Shaper Glyphs. If there are Glyphs that you resonate and/or share a sentimental connection with, please Read more…