Hello Agents! Last week it was announced by our new community manager, NianticThia, that NL-1331X would be off on an adventure! It has been a while since we have seen November Lima out, and in last months Glyph Event, new NL sequences were released to encourage you to investigate! Why do you think NL is traveling again? We need your help to figure this out, but please be careful Agents… NL has been known to do some odd things….

[Event Details]

Agents, we just got this new community manager and it seems like they will be traveling with NL-1331X… We know NL has a history and i would greatly appreciate if you guys could keep an eye out and make sure to stop by at any of these places that NL will be visiting. If you notice anything odd, please post on social media about it! We need to protect our new CM!


NL-1331X #MeetYouOutThere Tour 2021 – US Summer Schedule

  • 11 July – Oakland, CA -Pac has released some information on this event!

WHEN: SUN, JUL 11, 2021 at 14:00-16:00 PDT

WHERE: NL-1331 Portal to be activated at Jack London Square, Oakland, CA (Intel MapGoogle Maps)

WHO: BOLO for @NianticThia@NianticBrian, and more from the Ingress Team

  • 4 August – Sacramento, CA
  • 7 August – Portland, OR
  • 10 August – Boise, ID
  • 13 August – Salt Lake City, UT
  • 15 August – Denver, CO
  • 19 August – Dallas, TX
  • 20 August – Austin, TX
  • 22 August – Marfa, TX
  • 25 August – Phoenix, AZ
  • 28 August – Murrieta, CA
  • 29 August – San Francisco, CA

Stay tuned for registration links for all of these events.


NianticThia seems rather excited for this event and has a lot of questions on where they should visit on this tour.  Join the discussion on forums to give them ideas! Keep your eyes out Agents! We will be updating this post as more information is given.

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