We’re all missing the days when we used to be able to explore the portals of the world. Although it may still be a fair while until we are able to visit them in person again, we can still discover new places and learn a lot about them through the Intel map and Google Search.

After seeing how much fun the Ingress community has had solving the [email protected] puzzles, we’ve brought together all the old puzzles so everyone can have a chance at exploring a new place in the world every day.

  • Every 25 hours, a new puzzle will be unlocked below.
  • After 25 hours, the country for that puzzle will be revealed, then 25 hours after that, the city will be revealed.
  • To get on the leaderboard, fill in the form below with the passcode solved from the puzzle within 75 hours of the puzzle being released.
  • Ranking is sorted first by number of puzzles solved then by lowest total solve time based on when the puzzle was released until the solution was.
  • Most passcodes are most likely to be fully redeemed already however the correct passcode will still work in the form below for this challenge.

You can join in the IngressFS Discussions at t.me/IFSChat

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