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Aurora Glyph Hack Challenge

After Devras Facebook Live-stream this morning, the Aurora Glyph Hack Challenge was announced! Aurora not just wants to get rid of glyphs but want to assimilate this universe to be void of diversions, entertainment, and amusement! Being a part of Nemesis, their goals are not completely in favor so we Read more…

News: FEV Games

Incoming Transmission

Over the weekend Operations Essex received multiple messages from Dr. Edgar Allen Wright that were from the Nia Researchers trapped by Nemesis. The messages were received as such; [Edgar Allan Wright] This is Edgar. Will be fully on board after my birthday. Received this. Can Essex Translate. Have reason to Read more…

News: FEV Games

Alliance of the Vanguards Round 2

Niantic made a wonderful announcement that their Vanguard program is open once more for applications! What is the Vanguard program? Vanguards are Ingress player advocates. Vanguards collaborate with Niantic, Inc. and the Ingress Global Community Manager and provide direct feedback on a variety of initiatives and topics ranging from but not Read more…