A flurry of activity, both in shadows and broadcast to every listening Agent, has filled the last few weeks.

My heartiest congrats to the Resistance. In particular, the efficacy of their Global Operations (capturing 3 of the 4 Global Operations, and contributing 15 of a 20 point winning delta) was commendable.

The stories of epic missions are still emerging, and I’ll be following the hashtag #DarkXMCure — where I hope the tales of this incredible final day will continue to be told.

The Enlightened pushed hard, but simply couldn’t undo the losses of earlier weeks. Their efforts were worthy, but the Resistance deserved their victory.

Is the Dark XM threat now defeated? My opinion: Unlikely. If past experience has taught us anything, it’s that those who discover the potential of this powerful matter are rarely dissuaded from probing further — and each inquisitive plunge carries with it risks that the rest of the world — Agents everywhere — must bear…

I suspect this isn’t the last we’ve heard of the “BR&T” (“Basic Researching & Testing?”) Dark XM pattern…

When the next call comes — I hope you’ll all be ready to face it with the energy and tactical brilliance that this first challenge bore witness to.


Source: Investigate Ingress