News emerged earlier this month that May 2018 will feature not one, but two MAGNUS events. Camp Navarro will once again be alive with creative potential — and this year, the energy will extend across the Atlantic into Schloss Kaltenberg in Geltendorf, Germany.

Teams are starting to spin up, and I’ll be sharing news of their incredible projects as they emerge.

I pinged Hank Johnson to ask if the NIA’s RPE Taskforce would be involved in the MAGNUS events. He simply said ‘The research potential is pretty damn high both sides of the pond.’

I think that means yes…

There are a number of interesting projects and proposals circulating already, including Ingress-Omniscience, Camp Storyteller, and from the creators of last year’s Luminescent Heart, a project called Liminal Continuum.

Any others come across your radar? Let me know in the comments..


Source: Investigate Ingress