Just kidding about the gravestone, but hey, made you look.

The truth is, rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

I have, however, been off the grid, on the grid, talking to the grid, digging, scratching my head and generally trying to make shape of — well…

Let me put it this way: Revelations are emerging that will change the world of Ingress, and our place in the universe — as Investigators and Agents — will emerge into new light.

This is not something I could fully wrap my head around alone. I’ve been in touch with the brightest and best in the world of Ingress, and we’ve been sharing what we’re learning. We are all a part of this, and there’s much to figure out.

Yeah, I’m weaving a tapestry of weird here. But what can I say. There are times for tectonic shifts, and we may just be surfing one right now… So strap in.

It’s good to be back. Tune in tomorrow — a source tells me some Anomaly Intel may be breaching soon.


Source: Investigate Ingress