Pardon my absence, Investigators. I wish I could explain it away with an incredible story about being on the run, off the grid and being chased by big bad. Sometimes the truth is much more mundane, and involves fevers, shakes and antibiotics.

It seems, however,  that you folks have been very, very busy in my absence…

The document below emerged, severely redacted, less than 24 hours ago. Within just a short amount of time, Agents of both Factions eviscerated the coded secrets hidden within it (ranging from simple morse, braille and caesar ciphers to tricky Mayan number and Base13 encodings).

Their quick work led to Portals around the world — from Japan to Egypt to New Orleans — where the previously redacted sections of the document were recovered.

Hidden even one layer deeper (the red letters you see in the doc), this video was found that reveals the current prediction data on the Ingress XM Anomalies through mid-2019.

The document itself though, sheds light more on near-term events — an XM aberration in March — as well as the troubling mystery that seems to permeate everything we’ve learned about the upcoming XM Anomalies and Events… their origin…




Source: Investigate Ingress