The Nomad (aka Hank Johnson, current director of the NIA) reaches out to Misty Hannah — could this be related to the missing files we learned about a few days ago?


Nomad: Misty — yt?
Misty: here
Misty: Bouncing soon
Misty: Preshow
Misty: What’s up?
Nomad: Need your help on particularly difficult problem.
Misty: Always game.
Nomad: Some files went missing.
Misty: Data files?
Nomad: Everything. Data. Paper. It’s a black hole.
Misty: Not sure I can do that kind of conjuring Hank.
Nomad: Had a different thought in mind.
Misty: Oh yeah?
Nomad: Could we remotely access?
Misty: Possible. Hard to predict the results. Unintended consequences too. This universe or others.
Nomad: Something’s bugging me about this. I think I can pinpoint a window.
Misty: Got it. I have to run. Call me later? I’m in — you know that.
Nomad: OK. Ping when free and I’ll call.


Source: Investigate Ingress