A couple of men in dark suits began tailing me early yesterday. I went underground to try and lose them, but they kept picking up my scent. Deep in the city it’s hard, if not impossible, to go off grid entirely. Cameras everywhere. Microphones. Eyes.


My concerns were obvious. I’m a problem for those in places of power. I didn’t expect Hank Johnson’s NIA to engage in the same kind of tactics as during the Jay Phillips era — but I couldn’t be sure.

Eventually, they cornered me. Flashed the three letter agency badge. What followed was… a surprise to say the least.

They took me to a nondescript office, sat me down, got me a coffee and a sandwich. And then… they meticulously everything I could recall about my interactions with Carrie Campbell surrounding the ‘Civilization Self-Destruct code’ era. My meeting with her in Chicago. Her disappearance, sacrifice, and death. The end of Cassandra.

I was reluctant at first, but their demeanor was so — interested — that I shared what I could recall. It’s been a long time since all that happened. Some of it is seared in memory. Indelible. Some, it’s faded away and I struggled for the details.

They thanked me. They left. I think I saw the corner of a folder in one of their briefcases. A handwritten label in red marker: NIA RPE Taskforce.


Source: Investigate Ingress