Some days ago I had surfaced a few rumors about NL-1331’s next deployment in the Pacific region.

Now, thanks to Agents Gene C and Oppolot, we’ve been able to recover additional intel about this new and updated experiment from Akira Tsukasa.


IQTech’s Akira Tsukasa seized control of the November Lima fleet in late 2017. She immediately began implementing cutting-edge but controversial improvements. NL-1331A is one of the first such upgrades. During a deployment in the Pacific region, Tsusaka is hoping to train the vehicle’s new ‘Autonomous’ XM systems.

Unlike past vehicles, where a human monitored onboard XM devices, NL-1331A uses a potentially dangerous machine learning protocol that was uncovered during Tsusaka’s Exogenous Studies.

Experts have warned that the protocol must be better understood before being field tested. The NL vehicles gather large groups of Agents and enhance their nearby XM environment. Due to the unknown properties of the ‘Autonomous’ system, Agents should exercise extreme caution near NL-1331A.


Source: Investigate Ingress