ADA’s role at the Niantic Project was to uncover what the human researchers would never be able to see — to sort through the hundreds of billions of bits of data emerging every second during XM research experiments and see what wasn’t even being looked for.

Even outside the clandestine world, this grows increasingly normal, as ‘low-level’ AIs begin to expand our understanding of the universe, showing us the hidden.

For those who want to understand why organizations like Roland Jarvis’s Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs exist, or why Jarvis and his followers like the Acolyte and Jahan view the world from opposite positions, this is why.

When we crossed the Darsana point, we entered a world where we would never be able to return to the ‘old way’ of seeing reality…

A good or a bad thing? It seems the jury’s still out, isn’t it.

Artificial Intelligence Just Discovered New Planets


Source: Investigate Ingress