My sources at Visur and IQTech-East just shared some interesting news with me.

At Visur, the technology being used to power the highly desired ‘AXA Shield’ has been ported to a new XM object called the ‘Aegis Shield.’ Aegis Shields will replace AXAs in Portal Network Deployment at this time. AXA Portals will likely disconnect from the global Portal Network at some point in the near future. Currently I have no intel on any changes to the functionality of the Aegis Shield.

Over at IQTech-East, Akira’s people have acquired the ground-breaking technology that laid the basis for the ‘MUFG Capsule,’ and will now be distributing it through the Portal Network as the ‘Quantum Capsule.’ The MUFG Portal Subnetwork is expected to go offline within the coming days.

Will keep you posted if I hear more.


Source: Investigate Ingress