Niantic has officially announced their second annual Camp Navarro event for 2018! The event will take place during Memorial day weekend, May 24-27, at the same campsite as this last years in Navarro, Ca. Though little is known about the event currently, we can assume it will be like this last years event where agents will be separated into teams to create a number of interactive portals. A major difference so far is that we will be given an extra day at the campsite! As the date gets closer, we should see more updates from Niantic about the event. At this time there is no form to sign but be prepared agents, there are plenty of teams forming already!


If you do not know what Camp Navarro was like this last year, i would suggest looking into our previous post on it and watch the video below! A lot of changes came from this last years Navarro event so it isn’t one i would suggest missing!

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