Niantic has issued a press release for the upcoming upgrade to Ingress, known as Ingress Prime. Among this press release was a huge announcement that the game board (Portals) would be reset as part of the upgrade.

The launch of Ingress Prime in 2018 will kick off a massive new story arc, beginning a brand new narrative for Agents worldwide. While the global game board will reset as part of the new storyline, current Agents will retain all of their current in-game progression, level and items in Ingress Prime.

Lets repeat this.

The global game board will be reset as part of the new story line. However, your inventory & level will not. This will be the first time in the history of the game that a global reset of portals will occur. Imagine for a few seconds as the entire globe of links/fields is emptied. Every difficult portal that cost hundreds to obtain is now white. Every guardian portal still ticking over 1000 days will be neutralized.

How do you feel about this? Necessary as part of the upgrade?

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