A number of interesting people (and myself) were present at #EXO5 San Francisco. Investigators captured a number of moments on camera.

I’m continuing to uncover more… here’s what I’ve got so far:

PAC meets an Agent on Friday night.
An update from Hank in Taipei.
Hank shares a rumor…
Devra attempting to rally the Resistance.
Misty Hannah confronting an unknown person in SF.
P. A. Chapeau receives a phone call…
Acolyte’s Message to the Enlightened
Akira arrives in San Francisco for NL1331.
Acolyte on humanity’s destiny following the Enlightened #EXO5 victory.
P. A.Chapeau finds Devra Bogdanovich…

More are surfacing — they’ll be here as they rise to the top…

Akira’s true thoughts on Misty Hannah.


Source: Investigate Ingress