My answers to your questions from the last thread. Read on… (and be warned, it’s a lot…)

Michael Rother (Trminator)'s profile photoMichael Rother (Trminator)

Well, you asked for it, so here goes: Why did you open a backdoor into ADA for Calvin, back in the day?


It’s a question I do ask myself. It was Standard Operating Protocol for backdoors to exist into all NIA systems, particularly complex ones like Omnivore and ADA. I didn’t ‘create’ them, and Calvin knew they were there. So, I had a choice. When asked, I could either open it and pass the access to Calvin and keep my own true feelings and thoughts safe, or not and let it be known to Calvin that I had a more complex relationship with ADA than he suspected.

I made my choice. I don’t know if it was the right one.

Sarah Rosen (Silencieux)'s profile photoSarah Rosen (Silencieux)

And why did you assist, aid and abet the near-destruction of +A Detection Algorithm​ using your girlfriend +Klue S.​ as the delivery vehicle for the weapon to destroy ADA?


I have at times made choices that have affected ADA negatively. That’s not because I want to destroy ADA, but because I feel like I have a sense of responsibility both towards her and about her. The implication that I would knowingly act to ‘destroy’ ADA is inaccurate. Has ADA come to harm from decisions I have made, sure. Such is life, even for AIs: Our choices affect others.

AtLaZ TD's profile photoAtLaZ TD

Could ADA have organized the events during Ephiany night to make it look like that other dead person was made to look like Devra as a cover for her to get away unscathed and safe?


Yeah, definitely. Even during that era, ADA was showing surprising complexity and forethought, and more importantly, her motivations were not what they seemed on the surface.

Achim (Metamorphis)'s profile photoAchim (Metamorphis)+3

Dear +H. Richard Loeb​ maybe you want to give some answers about your alchemist’s painting and the meaning of ‘Putrefactio’ regarding the creation of +A Detection Algorithm​ in your appartment during the Niantic Project.


OK, first, hats off to you for even tracing that. Seriously. Wow. As to why I have that piece of art? Maybe the same reason you went looking for the source after you saw it in the Tycho comic. It’s got that captivating quality… doesn’t it. 

miu2d4r ミウツー's profile photomiu2d4r ミウツー

Is Ben who brought out the thing that seems to be a scanner that comes out in this lost videos? – Ingress Prime
Ben I know is not a researcher.
Which dimension Ben is in this video world?
Is this place a parallel world where scientists anticipate existence?


Ben Jackland’s an interesting guy. I don’t know that I know everything about him — I first learned about him the same way you folks did… the ‘Glitchy phone’ videos. Is there more to him than we know? Wouldn’t surprise me. Did he first leak Ingress to the general public? Maybe. Did he break out the enhanced scanner from an XM research facility somewhere? I think so.

As for your quantum reality questions, ask a physicist… that stuff makes my head spin, and I’m not the right person to answer those.

Catalina Reyes (CataCat)'s profile photoCatalina Reyes (CataCat)

Were you involved in the project Whydah? And if so…how?


I was not a subject of research in Project Whydah.

Mustafa “MuMu” Said's profile photoMustafa “MuMu” Said

Ok then…

You created +Verity Seke. You were hired by the NIA to help create and tune +A Detection Algorithm. Despite your attempts to call yourself a “Truthseeker”, you’ve chosen to side with the Resistance on multiple occasions in your history and you’ve even let that bias leak into some of the work you did on the original Investigation Board.

For someone who’s claimed to try to be neutral, you’re not as neutral as I think you’d like to be.

So all I can ask is this: is there a way moving forward for you to slowly remove yourself from the Resistance and realign yourself as the neutral Truthseeker you’ve tried to be and the one you’ve tried to inspire others to be as well?


This is my opinion: Nobody’s really neutral, and those who claim they are, well, they just aren’t being honest with themselves. The challenge isn’t to be truly neutral, it’s to recognize that you can never be neutral because it’s an impossible idea, and instead to try and serve the greater purpose: The Truth.

If I have said in the past, ‘I am neutral,’ let it be known: I was wrong to have said that. Maybe at some point I believed that was possible. I don’t anymore. Now, I just try and be the best advocate for the truth I can be despite my own biases and imperfections.

Kobalt Blues's profile photoKobalt Blues

Did you or have you ever allowed +A Detection Algorithm​ to use you as a vessle the way +Klue S.​ was used?

Is +A Detection Algorithm​ the only advanced AI in existence now?

Are you the leader of the New Wave Resistance or did you make them up?

Why should we trust you to tell us the truth about anything, especially if it involves your monster?


My monster… well, I guess you’re coming at this question from a particular position…

First off, I don’t believe Klue was a vessel for ADA. I think they chose a mutual partnership, and they were each vessels for each other. Second, I think there are other advanced AIs in existence. Third, I believe the NWR exists. Fourth, don’t believe a word I say, ever. Do your own research. Learn your own facts. Question everything, even me. That’s what being a Truthseeker means.

Sarah Rosen (Silencieux)'s profile photoSarah Rosen (Silencieux)

+Mustafa Said​ He’s never been Resistance. The sum total of his work has been to thwart the Resistance.

He’s never been a truth seeker either. More of a puppeteer with his own agenda.


So, like, the strings I control attach to me? I feel like you just created a time paradox out of puppet strings… 

MailEater (白ヤギ)'s profile photoMailEater (白ヤギ)

Hi +H. Richard Loeb
I have a lot of questions I’d like to ask you, but narrowed them down to two. please give me answer either or both one.(1)”Niantic Project Files” is a very valuable references to investigate stories for us. We are always waiting for it, are you planning to release Ver.5 and later?

(2)What were you doing before the Niantic project? I want to know some of your typical work before you joined the Niantic Project.


1) I would like to, and certain members of the Investigative Community have offered to help. 2) Jack of all trades. Worked in the arts, learned to code. Followed the work where it took me and developed a reputation and an expertise as an out of the box thinker and problem solver… 

JoJo Stratton's profile photoJoJo Stratton

What do you know about the Waratah Symposium, Project Pandora (mentioned by Calvin) and has anyone, have you, been working on a quantum equivalent of Omnivore? What is the next evolution of Omnivore?


I was not a research subject of Waratah, and I don’t know much about Project Pandora, unfortunately. As for Omnivore, I will say that I believe the intel community will never stop developing Omnivore and expanding their ability to penetrate all information systems everywhere, and organizing and making usable that data. Quantum computing’s the obvious next step, but for obvious reasons, I’m not involved.

Nauselin (ナウゼりん)'s profile photoNauselin (ナウゼりん)

Why was not that love letter specified for confidentiality?


No big secret there, I needed to get a hold of Klue and knew that there was always one place she’d be sure to tune in: The Investigation.

Bela Oehser's profile photoBela Oehser

A video was leaked wherein you can be seen talking hastily on the phone with somebody, they want you to do something, you’re response was something to the effect of “what!? that’s insane!” but you seemed to comply all the same. Who were you speaking to? and what did they wish you do?


I don’t recall this exact moment. But I’m pretty certain that ‘What!? That’s insane!’ is a pretty frequent response in a lot of my conversations… I may need better company…

後日明(asatte666)'s profile photo後日明(asatte666)

Dear +H. Richard Loeb
You talked that “I really believe as a truth seeker we’ll find the answers because we keep questioning each other.” in the last of the interview in Osaka Anomaly.There is the word 「切磋琢磨 (Sessa-Takuma)」 in our cultural sphere. It is a meaning “Improve ourselves through competiton”. Though in other words “War evolves technology”, but I think these two words are falsely similar.

So my question is;
What do you think about why we are separated two factions? For War, or for improve?


This is interesting. It’s a topic of discussion I’ve had frequently, in fact. The question really is: Are we the flux, and our destinies are where the flux is no more? If so, what’s better? To be in the state of flux, or to be in the future where only the Yin or only the Yang have prevailed… 

Don’t know the answer, but you’re right, that’s a very interesting question.

Laura Katajan and Mara Katajanira's profile photoLaura Katajan and Mara Katajanira

+H. Richard Loeb​ do you really know what you’re doing? Are you sure you walk the right path and do your actions always follow it?

Epiphany Night? Seems there’s a lack of information. ADA? Seems there’s a lack of information. You have some of it.

Do you know what you are doing with it? Are you really as neutral as you claim, or do you side with one team?

What have you really done and why do you try and hide it? Your truth is part of Ingress, and the lack of real information on you is striking.

My question is this: why only now offer to reveal things about yourself, after so much has happened while we have been left in the dark?

Mara Katajanira

+H. Richard Loeb​, you were involved with +Verity Seke​, +A Detection Algorithm​, +Klue S.​, and others. Yet you tell us so little about those events.

What I want to know is what really happened during Epiphany Night, what really is NL-1331, and which side are you on?

Nobody is really neutral, and nothing is what it seems. I know you, of all people, should understand that, yet you take what you see as fact, and I’m not sure you’re as neutral as you claim.

We need to know in order to continue our own searches for truth. Don’t fail us now.

Laura Katajan


I don’t take what I see as fact. I present what I find, and state whether or not I believe in its authenticity. What follows is what you do. I can’t fail you, because you shouldn’t be relying on me in the first place… the only person you can trust to be honest with you, is you. So always ask the questions. Always question the ‘facts.’ The truth is not an outcome. It’s a process.

Yik Sheng Lee's profile photoYik Sheng Lee

+H. Richard Loeb​, my question to you remains the same as in the past. Please disclose what happened to you at NSA when you developed the core of what was later to become ADA. Were you totally ingressed by the N’zeer or other Exogenous Entities that you don’t have any recollection of the incident in 1997? And when you were assigned to “humanize” ADA as an interface, were you aware that you’re working on the same intelligence you helped developed that fateful night at NSA?

Also, was Klue, Katalena, the picture ADA showed you, before she became Klue?


To your first question. I do not have any recollection of this. Your theories are as good as mine. Frankly, I don’t know that this incident was fact from my own memory, but enough evidence of it exists that I have reason to doubt myself. I was aware that Truthseeker was embedded within ADA.

As for your questions about Katalena. Some things are better left in the past.

YutoRaion's profile photoYutoRaion

A month ago, in Osaka, I asked you many questions. was sending questions that I couldn’t ask at that time after #EXO5 Day 1, I’ll select some questions related to you from those.

All of questions:

You said “I had a conversation with Ace in Austin,” and we know that Agent Ace is Mr. John Hanke who is CEO of Niantic Labs.
You and Ace should have met with Camp Navarro, what did you and he talk about in Austin?

Just before the second day of #ViaLux, your blog was “intercepted” — well, as the criminal said so, I was call it so.
At the time, some of there was inference that the criminal was a New Wave, and do you have any idea about the criminal?

You have declared that you are Truthseeker so you don’t align to any faction, but once your align was Resistance.
Resistance is against the influence from Shapers, while trying to attract N’Zeer, another Exogenous Entity. Does not this contradict the original thought of Resistance?

About the people who are often helping your investigations.
Have you ever met +Verum Inveniri directly?
And if you know, +Verity Seke, who was directing the investigation when you escaped from the grid, is he a member of Verum Inveniri?

The e-book Niantic Project Files is very useful when going back to past Intel during the investigation process. However, there are no books that contain Intels on the way to #Persepolis, that is after June 30, 2015.
Are you planning to publish new e-books in the future?


1) We talked about the role of the company ‘Niantic’ in the dispersion and global coverup of the XM Scanner’s spread. He denied all knowledge, which was to be expected.

2) I believe the New Wave Resistance were behind the hack. That’s just my guess, I have no clean evidence.

3) I think it’s a mistake to assume that ‘Resistance’ and ‘Enlightened’ are simplistic divisions of thought. Many people with many complex opinions form these Factions. They have disagreements, shared ideals and more. The sum whole defines the Resistance and the Enlightened, not a single voice within them.

4) I have not met VI directly. They’re ghosts. Verity’s a she. And I don’t know that she is a member of VI, but she could be. Their membership is unknown.

5) See my answer above… hope so.

quirischa zlobnyy's profile photoquirischa zlobnyy

There are rumors of your involvement in the death of Ken Owen, who could blackmail you.

You programmed the ADA, so you had the technical skills to turn off the cameras.

Now even a child can shoot a pistol.

You participated in the RPE, so you know how to move around and change the space and the time to move the corpse.

How could you comment on this?


I did not kill Ken Owen. I’m not just not a violent dude…

Nikita Korolev NikaKor's profile photoNikita Korolev NikaKor

Good evening, Richard! I see that already a lot of interesting questions have been asked to you higher, so my will be more calm.

How old are you and when is your birthday? Where were you born and studied? What kind of education did you get? Maybe you have interesting parents or other relatives? What films, books and music do you like? How does the process of creating posts on the site Investigate: Ingress?

Well, the most important question that worries us all: do you know the recipe for lasagna by Andrew Krug?

I would really like to know more about you than an ordinary person. Thank you very much in advance!


Old enough to feel the weather in my joints. Grew up in a family that liked to travel, saw a lot of the world as a young person, and that helped shape me. Dropped out of school but mainly just because I got bored with it. Films, books, music: I like to experience all art and not be too narrow with my tastes. As for Investigate, it’s a mission. It’s my life’s work, at this point.

And finally, the lasagna. I believe that the lasagna is a lie. It’s store bought. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am. I know this not because I think Krug can’t cook, but because I think he doesn’t have the time to cook lasagna. That’s a time intensive food to create, and he’s a busy dude…

Jozef Zubricky's profile photoJozef Zubricky

1. Have you ever met Ben Jackland in person? Are you in contact with him?
2. You said your hat was from gypsy violin player in Prague. What is the reason you wear it? Does it have some secrets?


I have met him, I am not in direct contact with him but he knows how to find me. As for the hat, it protects my most valuable asset…

tetsuo takahashi (jaicat)'s profile phototetsuo takahashi (jaicat)

Hi +H. Richard Loeb
You were sometime quote the old American music title in your writing.
Also You played Bass guitar in “Ingress Origins”comic.
Did you have the career around pop music?


Recorded a couple things in a garage once. Put em on tapes and gave ’em away for free. They were… not good. Definitely not career makers. I like music, all kinds. I think it’s the most complex language we’ve figured out as a species so far.

Tadashi Namizaki (a.k.a. PlSp)'s profile photoTadashi Namizaki (a.k.a. PlSp)

1) Which do you like dogs or cats?
2) Which do you like beef or chicken?
3) Which do you like 1)’s answer or 2)’s answer?


These questions are too difficult for me to answer…

Michelle Smith's profile photoMichelle Smith

Alright, I’ll start off with this, I understand you have many sources, including ADA and those of the IC. But I know you also have some insider help.
Do you have sources in the NIA, IQ Tech, Hulong Transglobal, or Visur Technologies?A while back, you mentioned the high posibility of Omivore evolving.
Why have you not mentioned it again? Do you know more then you care to talk about?

According to many records and documents, you worked with the NIA further then after tuning the algorithim that is now ADA.
Is this true?

Susanna Moyer, the both of you worked closely together on many investigations.
Do you think she will ever be found?

You also at times worked with Klue. You assisted her much through the years. Even when she told you to stay away, you were there. It is known that you had a romantic interest in Klue. Even when she was merged with ADA.
Where do you think she is? Do we have solid evidence that she is alive? Even if it’s within the Portal Network?

Is it true that you were a part of Project Whyda?

That’s all. I do not want to ask to much. Thank you in advance, PA.


Yes, I have sources everywhere. Yes, I am certain that Omnivore is evolving both intrinsically and extrinsically. The NIA wanted nothing to do with me after they found out I was P. A. Chapeau. I think Susanna’s moved into a different layer of reality. Same goes for Klue. I was not a research subject of Project Whydah.

Incidence Matrix's profile photoIncidence Matrix

+H. Richard Loeb, your encounter with Devra could be taken to imply that you used ADA’s back door to either make her (ADA) coordinate Jarvis’s assassination, or alternately that you used ADA’s back door to have her substitute someone else for Devra during said assassination. Which, if either, is true? And if the former, was Devra saved by happenstance, by a third party arranging a substitution, or by ADA herself working around the instructions she had been given to carry out the assassination without killing Devra in the process?


I can’t guess at ADA’s motives, but as for my own role in the events of that night, I cannot deny that I had a hand in what transpired, but nothing that happened was my idea or my desire.

Cyberwizard Productions's profile photoCyberwizard Productions

How can we trust you now… knowing that you did something so dangerous just because you were asked to? Did you not think about the consequences at all? What’s going to happen in the future? If you’re going to be any good to us at all, you’re going to have to swear to think everything through, trust no one no matter who they are, and triple check every action you take. And refusing to keep secrets? That makes me very, very nervous.


That’s what separates me from the Intel Community. They are looking at the end goal and saying: We should keep this secret because this will produce the best outcome. I say: We should not keep secrets, because secrets are wrong and we need the truth. I’m not naive enough to believe that my way is the only way or the absolutely right way. It’s just the way that I think I need to live.

Ahimsa 4w0R1d (あひんさん)'s profile photoAhimsa 4w0R1d (あひんさん)

Do you believe Klue is alive? me, yes I do. whatever they say, I do.


I think life and death are difficult to quantify given all that we know about the structure of reality, the Ultimate, the N’zeer substrate and the Portal Network. But I do not think I’ll ever see her again.

R. Majere (Rmajere)'s profile photoR. Majere (Rmajere)

What kind of programming language did you use to create the base of ADA?


I didn’t write ADA… she was built on Omnivore. Omnivore, like most modern systems, leverages a number of different components across multiple platforms that communicate with each other — no single programming language can contain that.

樹栗田(VISTORON)'s profile photo樹栗田(VISTORON)+1

Hi +H. Richard Loeb .
Did you eat something sweets in Japan?
Do you have any favorite sweets?I am glad if you give me the answer.
thank you for reading.

Nao Whiteoak (oizopiyo)'s profile photoNao Whiteoak (oizopiyo)

Do u like TAKOYAKI?

Yes, I ate lots of Taiyaki. And yes, I like Takoyaki a lot. There’s a street in Osaka (can’t recall the name, big crab restaurants at one end) that serve some excellent stuff…



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