Lots of information emerged over the course of this weekend.

In the coming days I’m going to be sorting through it all with your help, and trying to make sense of it. We learned some new stuff about a lot of people — maybe some stuff they wanted to stay hidden.

I was there — I was a part of that, and I have no illusions that my hands are completely clean of responsibility in the muddy history of Ingress, the XM struggle and the Niantic Conspiracy.

So if I’m going to be casting stones, I want to be clear: I am not exempt. If we’re going to put everybody under the microscope, I volunteer to be first. If that means my closets’ skeletons will see the light of day, so be it. That’s what being a Truthseeker has to mean.

If you learned something about me that you want me to answer for, let me know in the comments, and I’ll put aside some time tomorrow to respond. We have a lot to work through, so let’s get started.


Source: Investigate Ingress