The third report from Central Omnilytics on the upcoming #Exo5 Anomaly — and how it ties back to the mysterious, tragic, and undoubtedly shadowy events of Epiphany Night.


A Historical Context of Epiphany Night and How It Might Relate to the Upcoming Anomaly of December 2, 2017.

The following constitutes Central Omnilytics’ third report to Hank Johnson and Shaw Henson on the context of the December 2 #EXO5 Anomaly. Our focus in this report is how the events of this day were presaged by the events of REDACTED code-named ‘Epiphany Night.’

Despite the fact that much of the official data from Epiphany Night is missing, is legally under REDACTED control and unavailable, is contained within ADA and therefore unreliable or has been scrubbed from all systems, much is known about the human events of that night. They are documented in P. A. Chapeau/Verity Seke’s Niantic Investigation Files, in The Niantic Project: Ingress by Felicia Hajra-Lee and in Ingress: Origins (a graphic novel by the mysterious artist REDACTED). While these sources are not ideal, collectively they provide a fairly clear picture of the events of that evening.

All sources agree that Epiphany Night was caused by the eruption of a prototype REDACTED designed by Dr. REDACTED. We are not entirely clear on what the roles of Dr. Ezekiel Calvin, then head of the Niantic Project, or REDACTED, then head of the NIA, were in the decisions to conduct this test. However, it is clear that Dr. REDACTED opposed and even feared the REDACTED test and fled the Niantic Facility just moments prior to it taking place with REDACTED.

It is believed that ADA, the Niantic Facility’s REDACTED, facilitated the escape, but it is not entirely known whether ADA was acting on her own or was acting under the orders of Ezekiel Calvin through a backdoor supplied by H. Richard Loeb (a viable possiblity based on Central’s research and analysis.

Whatever the cause, all of the Niantic Researchers, including Jarvis and Bogdanovich were exposed to extremely high quantities of raw Exotic Matter. There is much debate as to whether there was also a release of Dark XM (aka REDACTED), but there is no debate that all were greatly affected both mentally and in some cases physically by the events of that evening. The above accounts of Epiphany Night provide details on this matter that are outside the scope of this update.

Of particular interest to us now are the events, later that night, in Zurich. What is known is that Devra Bogdanovich and Roland Jarvis were split up en route to the station. There is some dispute as to whether Jarvis gave Bogdanovich the slip to meet up with a woman named Twyla Klippe or whether Bogdanovich, acting under instructions from ADA abandoned Jarvis to take another train. It is possible that both are the case.

In any case, Jarvis and the woman, now identified as Klippe, were shot by Jay Phillips (then head of Niantic Project Security) and Hubert Farlowe, who believed that they were acting under direct NIA orders, that the woman was Bogdanovich and that the two ‘escaped’ Niantic researchers posed an XM exposure risk to the public at large.

Jarvis and Klippe were executed by gunshot outside the REDACTED. Their bodies were placed into a Niantic Project transport vehicle — a vehicle now known as REDACTED. Police were notified of the incident by an emergency call made by a woman known as REDACTED, a human surrogate cultivated by ADA during her early phases of development.

The events surrounding the transportation and unsuccessful autopsy of Roland Jarvis are well know, but the official record is silent on the disposition of Klippe’s body. Central suggests that buried secret may be central to understanding the events that are to transpire on December 2nd at the #EXO5 Anomaly, and in particular the gathering of POIs in San Francisco.

We choose not to prejudice this investigation at this time with theories on this matter.


Source: Investigate Ingress