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The Gray Ingress Jedi

The Gray Ingress Jedi By: DannoReg XF-CC BOOM There’s been a disturbance in the force. You’ve probably felt it. If you didn’t, consider yourself lucky, for the inevitable has happened. Niantic has been given proof of people breaking TOS on a massive scale. Agents have turned on the other faction Read more…

News: FEV Games

Ingress 5 Year Event

The Ingress five year event has started today right after Niantic’s live stream on Facebook this morning. Check out the announcement details from Niantic! Along with double AP, Niantic has a few extra things for us this year: Agents can place two L7 and two L8 resonators per person per portal. Read more…

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To the Bay

Got an interesting call today. An invitation to come to the San Francisco Anomaly — with a twist. I do think I’ll be accepting that offer… More to follow…. And I’ll see you there. -PAC Source: Investigate Ingress