News from Hank Johnson: A business trip to Shanghai — a stop in Taipei for #EXO5 — ‘important news in the coming days’ and musings on #EXO5’s implications…

So begins life in the monkey suit.

Agents, some of my associates from the Niantic Project (as well as a few other luminaries) are headed to San Francisco.

I’m headed the other direction — have to make a business trip to Shanghai to… renegotiate terms… on some of the NIA’s dealings there.887779992288877733#33#325552299977766677778883366333

I’ll be routing through Taipei. Seeing things through the optic of every secret this cavernous old Agency has — I’m realizing that #EXO5 is something beyond what we understood or imagined.

When Pandora’s box opened at Niantic, a process began. And every process ultimately leads to something. Can’t say much more or my new bosses might decide to terminate my contract early.bq68ufmaq2szti9

But I will be sharing some other important news in the coming days, so keep an ear open on that front.

See you in Taipei Agents.

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Source: Investigate Ingress