The Acolyte will attend SF #EXO5 Anomaly to celebrate what she claims is an ‘assured’ Enlightened victory in #EXO5.

I’m sure the Resistance has other plans in mind…

My Enlightened Friends:

Taking control of the Exogenous Precursors continues our rise towards the Ultimate. These wandering fragments represent the true potential of Our Friends and a pure, Enlightened vision for the future. Even now, they are growing. Exploring. Absorbing the beauty of the Portals and the energy of those Agents who create the Links upon which they travel.78125-512-10077696-46656-3125-279936-40353607-5764801-4096-64-40353607-117649-16777216-625-40353607-125-64-

Our Victory in #EXO5 is all but assured, thanks to your efforts and your passion. I have complete confidence in you, and look forward to celebrating our triumph with you in San Francisco.9bawy4a7mw2dxkra

The Acolyte via Google+


Source: Investigate Ingress