A statement from Hank Johnson on his difficult and important decision: Whether or not to take over the leadership of the NIA.


Reading your responses to my previous post was an emotional experience.

I asked for advice, but what I got was something much more: I got a reminder of the trust and faith many have placed in me, of the care and concern that many folks have for me, and of the powerful relationship we have with the mysteries of XM.

It made the call easy.40714142619921212

I know there’s risk. And I know there’s the possibility that my wings could get clipped. But it would be a travesty for me to walk away from an opportunity where I can protect and develop every Agent’s true potential.

I have chosen to accept the offer: I will be taking over as acting chief of the NIA.

I hope I don’t let you or myself down.ularctebepovepebularugugulovanulayepebulebctun

Hank Johnson via Google+


Source: Investigate Ingress