Fascinating and insightful responses to Hank’s post from yesterday, in which he solicited Agent opinions on whether or not to accept the offer to take over the NIA:

I believe that we as the the agents around the world will support you, no matter your choice. Personally I myself have no doubt that you will be a great leader bringing the NIA to a new high. But think calmly about all the extreme risks that will come with it.

Tobias Hengst

Follow your instinct, Hank. nothing comes from without, all things come from within.

Ahimsa 4w0R1d (あひんさん)

Consider that maybe the offer was to keep you from making certain discoveries; or to monitor you; or to possibly pull you into another Magnus attempt (under the illusion of you choosing to join it).

Nancy Something (Doomsidoodeedoo)p7zvo2ewrnp3g7

I don’t wish you to become anyone’s pawn like you were when Calvin used you as a piece on his board. Shaw could do the same with you. This is your weakness, though you can escape the worst kind of dangers, you’re nevertheless easily manipulated.

Yik Sheng Lee

I do not think this is a place you should get into. Theres the chance its just a setup.

Michelle Smith

No matter how you choose, I believe as long as you keep you to be who you’ve always been, most agents will stand behind you.

Adam Kao

This offer has a suspicious smell. Looks like someone wants you off the street and under control. Which means something fishy is brewing up.

Michael Vogt

I find a bit imprudent accepting a 3 assasinated candidates job (unless you are the caller, which I doubt).

Kevin Saez

Oh, Hank. You surely know that is trap.

miu2d4r ミウツー

Do you think that maybe you were chosen to lead the NIA to remove you as an unpredictable (and untrackable) fighter for good? Who would search for Misty in your stead? Who would travel to Camp Navarro in your stead? Who would engage in intellectual combat with PAC in your stead? When thinking about where you go, don’t forget what role you leave behind.

Gerald Wolf

Go for it and do your very best, but be aware, that this time the phrase once-in-a-lifetime might literally come back to you.

Carsten Groß (Mulberry2nd)

Make the decision that will leave you knowing you made the best use of the tools made available to you in order to keep not just your future kids and grand kids enriched and happy but all of humankind.

Gustav Andersson

I fear uou will end up like Jay Phillips sooner or later.

Sascha W. (Pentagress)

There are other ways to be effective.

Zenn Loo

Hank you are a nomad, and all nomads need a place to rest.

Zach Davies

Sitting behind a desk isn’t your way to do things. I think you are looking for something and being there takes you closer to this. You are an explorer after all!

Luís Fernando Araújo de Brito (LuDGeRBriNk)

Even though I’m in a different faction I still trust that you would be a good head of the NIA and XM related projects.

Bela Oehser

The first step in avoiding a trap is seeing it.

John Wartke

Be very, very careful!

Marko Pojatina

Work together with +Devra Bogdanovich​​​ . She is definitely more suited to do this part of the job. You two will balance off perfectly.

Andreas Decker (thedeacon1972)

The amount of stress the position would create would not be fair to you, but I fear what course the organization might take if any lesser would take your place.

Daniel Beaudoin (SK8ZION)

If you aren’t involved, you aren’t making a difference. Change the NIA before it can change you.

Brent Hollett (Perringaiden)

Power corrupts, Hank. And no one person can truly control an organization – especially one so deeply entrenched with clandestine affairs.yqbscyqnguuaxgdkze

Incidence Matrix

Perhaps you should seek out the advice of an Oracle.

Aaron P (m3taphor)

Are you willing to trade out the adventures for a “monkey suit?” ? I think much can be done from behind the desk, but I think the battle for XM is won on the front lines…

G. H. Aenielida

In my opinion the only person who is suited for a high level position of power is one who does not want the job.

David Zimmerman

Power can change a person. Do you trust yourself to survive it, to thrive with or without it?

Laura Katajan and Mara Katajanira

It’s almost like you were being groomed for this your whole questionable career.

Kobalt Blues

Always follow your passion, your heart, and your instinct.


An amazing array of well informed opinions, the snippets above represent just a drop in the bucket… read them all on Hank’s G+ thread here.


Source: Investigate Ingress