Hank Johnson faces a difficult decision as he considers whether or not to take over the NIA. What do you think he should do?

As some of you may have heard, when I was Houston for #EXO5 I was invited to a very interesting and equally surprising meeting with a high ranking government official in charge of matters related to Exotic Matter.

Following the untimely deaths of Ezekiel Calvin (acting head of IQTech) and Jay Phillips (acting head of the NIA) — there’s a need in DC for expertise and knowledge related to XM, the Portals, the Ingress Scanner and more…3cgl1ckfsdgmdzy0p4s

I have been asked to take over the NIA — and by extension all its programs connected to the private sector via its relationships with IQTech, HAZDATA and other contract holders.

I remember the shape things were in when Jay Phillips took over the NIA — it was an unenviable position and he made the best of it. He made calls that I disagreed with — but I understand why he made them.

I am now facing my own unenviable position. I have to give them an answer. The choice is mine to make, but I am open to your ideas and suggestions.sh5go9ezwdh4uo4

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Source: Investigate Ingress