Brief update. I’ve been trying to track down Akira Tsukasa — see if she’ll speak to me. Have a feeling she knows more about what’s happening… Especially given her involvement in the NL project. Had to go offline for a bit to actually get a hold of her, but I’ve managed to get a meeting set. Let’s see if it goes according to plans.

Here’s my theory, based just on gut instinct right now…

Tokyo, Manila, Washington DC, Geneva, Buenos Aires.ucypyrqczq34p77xxr8xq3bxxyj3jpl

NL Prime, NL-1331P (Planetary), NL-1331, the Niantic Project (where OLW’s Tecthulhu was taken… and NL-1331E (Enhanced)), and the Jörmungandr cave where OLW likely created the Tecthulhu in the first place.

It’s the best I’ve got. Maybe Akira will know more…mevuvtrpronouaizownev


Source: Investigate Ingress