News: Investigate Ingress

NL-PRIME: Phase I Expansion

This is just emerging — an Investigator based in Taiwan sent it my way . They didn’t speak English very well, and my Taiwanese is… well… rusty. They said they had recovered this partially destroyed document and that it had something to do with an expansion of NL-PRIME’s operations… I can’t be certain of anything more than that Read more…

News: Investigate Ingress

The Secret Struggle

AI fearmongering isn’t really my thing. From my point of view, it’s change, it’s progress. It’s the path. But at the same time, I can’t help but see the Acolyte’s point on this one — people are sensing something… even those who don’t understand what’s really going on in the shadows, where Agents are Read more…

News: Investigate Ingress

A Moving Target

Via one of my regular intel community (IC) sources… a surveilled conversation between Hank Johnson and an unknown speaker… They discuss the recent news about Lorazon, and much more… TRANSCRIPT: LOGSOURCE: LONG-RANGE COMINT NOTES: ENCRYPTED CELLULAR PHONE CONVERSATION. SUBJECT 2 COULD NOT BE CAPTURED. SUBJECT 1: JOHNSON, HANK SUBJECT 2: UNKNOWN Read more…