Everything You Need to Know headed into the first day of the #EXO5 Anomalies, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Agent KodamaSmiles.

Here’s everything you need to know heading into the first #EXO5 weekend. Good luck out there, Agents!

  • New research from Devra Bogdanovich? She will be in Berlin and rumor has it she’s got something up her sleeve. Will share her discoveries with winners of Nov 4 Anomaly — related to #EXOPRECURSORS?
  • Zeke Calvin and J. Phillips were killed in a blast at the NIA headquarters in Washington D.C. Hank Johnson is heading to Houston where there is another NIA Headquarters… Coincidence?kgszqas3amuy43n4
  • NIA, IQTECH and entire US XM infrastructure in chaos… all this started when Akira showed up saying she wanted to take over the November Lima project. Just a case of bad timing? Or…?
  • PAC is following leads to Osaka. Claims that he is trying to investigate Akira, her connection to the NL program, IQTech, War in Washington and EXOGENOUS RESEARCH programs.
  • A Remote Participation Experiment taking place in Boulder on Friday — being run by Essex Agents… rumors of dangerous EXO research taking place in secret — what will they uncover with their RPE?

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Source: Investigate Ingress