Details are emerging in the attack that took place on an NIA facility last Friday.

It is now clear that this was a targeted assassination using an explosive device.

Ezekiel Calvin and Jay Phillips had agreed to meet in an unused secure room at an NIA Facility. As the place was being renovated (ironically, to install better security monitoring systems), it was entirely off-grid and unstaffed — an ideal, secure but abandoned space where the two could talk free from prying eyes and ears.

It’s unclear how the rendezvous was handled, but by all reports, it came together very suddenly to avoid any leaks about where and when they would be meeting… they seemed very aware that they needed to keep a low profile and avoid any predictable patterns or long lead times.larabieriiracbipotmpbactbtetbbahg

The explosion was large — large enough to nearly destroy this entire wing of the facility. However, being abandoned, there were no other casualties or injuries. In fact, even Calvin and Phillips’ deaths may have gone unnoticed had it not been for a single witness who insisted that she saw two men entering the building earlier via a service entrance earlier that evening.055989450577653165853278382771

For now, a memorial service for Calvin has been scheduled. I know Hank is going — I intend to visit as well. I will watch from a distance, to be safe but also to avoid upsetting other people who might be there (I didn’t dislike Calvin personally, and I suspect that even though my work with the Investigation undid much of his with the Niantic Project — he probably didn’t hate me… just hated what I did and wanted it to stop). Regardless, I’ll keep my distance out of respect.

Will report more if anything emerges at the service.


Source: Investigate Ingress