A leaked draft statement from an IC wire service regarding the ‘incident’ at an NIA facility yesterday… While details remain vague, I suspect that this confirms that something — and something big — definitely did happen.

A few sources have privately revealed to me that there was a massive amount of structural damage and, tragically, two casualties. There could have been more, but apparently the ‘explosion’ (if indeed that’s what it was) happened in an abandoned wing of the facility which was both off-limits and off-grid due to maintenance work.

Still developing — keeping an ear to the ground.


An Executive Branch spokesperson has confirmed that there has been an ‘incident’ at an NIA facility near Washington D.C. As the NIA is believed to have multiple locations in the city (as well as in Houston, TX) is it not clear which facility the spokesperson was referring to. Smoke, however, was seen coming from a townhouse in Georgetown which has long been thought to be a center for NIA activity, and first responder units arrived at the location in the late hours of Friday night.hukpyhlvzhbrjurmxb

The National Intelligence Agency is perhaps the murkiest intelligence agency in the United States Government. It allegedly grew out of the Office of Strategic Services and then lost its autonomy to the CIA under the National Security Act of 1947, however it has remained functional and funded both prior to and following this official restructuring.

It is believed to function mostly as a research arm of the Intelligence Community and has been linked to scientific and pseudo-scientific projects such as Waratah, Marie Celeste and most notably The Niantic Project.t5w5o.b9d2k1t6h0r4u-t3w.o1w7s3e2v7b1

Recently, a D.C. public relations expert, Ken Owen, was killed and his name was linked to the Agency. The current acting head of the Agency is believed to be Jay Phillips, who succeeded Yuen Ni in the post. The NIA is believed to have close ties to IQTech, which is currently headed by Ezekiel Calvin, himself a former NIA operative.


Source: Investigate Ingress