The final missive in the chain between Shaw Henson and Jay Phillips… I’ll be looking for intel on how that meeting between Phillips and Calvin goes down… I suspect the lay of the land could shift…


TO: Jay Phillips
FROM: Shaw Henson
RE: RE: RE: Let’s get together


I’d invite you over here, but we’ve had enough trouble dealing with our own leaks.

As far as your renegotiation with IQT goes — you and I had discussed the status of things early on and I remain in favor of keeping things as lean as possible. Especially after The Escalation and what happened to Ken — I’m not saying they’re connected — but if they’re connected — we can’t have that happening.6esb1gzxgrxzof8c6t

Let’s just get a lid on things and try to find the new normal. Whatever happened to ordinary days? Let’s bring those back.awejaintelsjcmh

Good luck finding a place. You thought about a bench in a public park?as9at4jejhi3zn4

Just kidding,



Source: Investigate Ingress