Shaw Henson and Jay Phillips discuss the chaos that descended on Washington (the death of Ken Owen being the center of that storm…).

I don’t know… My guess is that this isn’t over quite yet. If I were these guys I would keep watching my back.


TO: Jay Phillips
FROM: Shaw Henson
RE: Let’s get together


Haven’t talked to you since before Ken’s funeral. I was there, but I stayed out of sight. Security reasons. But I saw you. Front and center. Brave man.8gh6lgkyk5pq7hg

Speaking of which, what happened with the litany of operators who’d shown up in Washington? Personally, I’m surprised there haven’t been more corpses. Glad, but surprised.

We’ve stayed on high alert since what happened to Ken. I know Calvin is zooed too. He’s running IQTech but doesn’t even show up. At least I think he’s running it. I think he thinks he’s running it too, but I’m hearing rumors of an ouster. You tell me. What’s really going on…8etrb7xexk4bt5hu

Anyway. We should get together. Be good to see you, but on the business side, I need to know how bad this Lorazon thing is and what we’re doing/need to do vis a vis damage control.ou.pgqtztsefsrum0wtrf



Source: Investigate Ingress