The reply to the message between Shaw Henson and Jay Phillips that turned up yesterday… It seems that the NIA and IQTech are looking to… ‘renegotiate terms,’ so to speak.


TO: Shaw Henson
FROM: Jay Phillips
RE: RE: Let’s get together

Shaw. Funny you should mention Calvin. A third party (don’t want to mention names here) has been coordinating a meeting between the two us. The objective is to solidify relations between the NIA and IQTech, which have been a little strained lately. There are some disagreements about the best direction for the arrangements between the two groups.whv7hjtpdkxnrh3jznw6odxe

Strangely, the biggest problem has ended up being agreeing on a location. Can you believe that? It seems that two of the most secure facilities in D.C. are so riddled with leaks that we have to find another location.^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^^ ^ ^

And the cavalcade of armed uglies hasn’t made things any easier — it’s difficult to know who is still around — no sightings elsewhere for an all clear. Each potential meeting spot has to go through a dozen cycles with the security teams at both ends.ccczorxfyyxcx2rycqrccbccccxffccfcf9ll7rcclclbojjryyxrxf4rcxfxffcccbcxrxf4fffryxccyyyct

Will keep you abreast of developments.



Source: Investigate Ingress