Occasionally, you’ll find a figure in history who may not be remembered for their own exceptional works, but they were vitally important nonetheless… Today, I’m casting a small spotlight on one such precursor: Maurice Princet.

Here’s how he’s been described:

Thanks to his knowledge of mathematics he had an important job in an insurance company. But, beyond his profession, it was as an artist that he conceptualized mathematics, as an aesthetician that he invoked n-dimensional continuums. He loved to get the artists interested in the new views on space … He succeeded at that.

I would wager most of you have never heard of this individual, he was a French actuary in the late 19th Century. And yet, he may have helped bring into the world a powerful artistic movement: His influence with Pablo Picasso led to the birth of Cubism, and thus perhaps future movements that began to interface art and science.

So, Agents and Investigators, what do you think? Enlightened or Resistance?

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Source: Investigate Ingress