I first learned of the murder or Ken Owen while participating in an RPE event at Emerald Knights in Burbank, California. Hank got a call from Zeke Calvin around the same time. Details were sketchy. Owen’s body was found ‘perforated’ by varying reports with, as the Coroner’s report is still under seal, from 2-5 bullet holes at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts underneath the exact same art installation where Roland Jarvis subdued Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe during Cassandra.

We now have strong reason to believe that the triggerman was a professional killer known only as 855. Several other hits by this professional killer surrounding the Niantic Project Investigation have been been well chronicled. The evidence is circumstantial but compelling. He had means, motive and opportunity. We have the leaked hit order, we have the Hajra-Lee account of Ken Owen’s final moments, the M.O. matches 855 and the others have been ruled out. While I suppose there is still room for debate, I am willing to accept this as a fact until I have good reason not to.

Of course, as one mystery is solved, another opens up. 855 is a professional killer. So who hired him and why?

Let’s start with the why. The biggest clue is the staging. Owen might have been blackmailing Ni at Hulong. Lynton-Wolfe worked at Hulong for while. Is there a link?u5pjb9bsx3c6

The diminutive Avril Lorazon has an air tight alibi (at least in as far as he was not the shooter), but maybe the alibi is staged. He’s IQTech. IQTech has been in open conflict both internally as well as with the National Intelligence Agency over the November Lima (of NL1331, NL1331E, NL-Prime etc. fame) program, so it’s not surprising that an NIA employee could get caught in the crossfire, but their P.R. guy? Maybe, but there’s got to be more.

And while we’re on the subject of IQTech, there are two other people of interest. Let’s start with Calvin. He’d been nearly silent, ostensibly still suffering from recursion-based amnesia. But then it was Calvin who tipped off Hank Johnson, and Hank told him to watch his back. I’d love to know what the subtext was there.

Then there’s Akira Tsukasa, also at IQTech. She is most directly interested in the November Lima Project, and is in a state of active conflict with Lorazon. Was she trying to frame him? Or does she have some other motive.#___!!%!__%@__%%@%!$___%@%%@$#[email protected]#!___#%!#___$%___!#%@!%$|__$$|$/%#@@/@%@/%@|%$|__|@|__)!|[email protected]$|$|__%%|__%@|!_/!|___$|!__/@/[email protected]/$%#|#$|##|@|[email protected]##|!##@|$|___$|%%!#|#/$%

That’s pretty much my list. I have resisted putting Ilya Pevtsov of Visur on it because I’m just not seeing a link other than the fact that his operative Claudia Glas was allegedly seen in D.C. around the time of Owen’s murder.

And I’ve also left J. Phillips off the list because it seems like he could have hired somebody other than 855 to do the job or done it himself. By all accounts, he’s dirtied up his hands from time to time. Give me evidence and I’ll put him back on the list.

And, there’s also been speculation that Jarvis or Lynton-Wolfe, both of whom seem to be… not within our dimensional node at the moment, could have wanted Owen dead. I’m just slow to accuse more or less absent people with crimes. But, again, give me some evidence and I’ll change my mind.

So that’s where we stand right now. I am quite sure more will emerge.


Source: Investigate Ingress