Investigator Yik Sheng Lee turned this image up… apparently it originated in Rome during #ViaNoir — Hank Johnon’s seen adding notes to his journal.

Yik contends this could be connected to the murder of Ken Owen. Personally, not sure about that. Hank’s a smart guy, but so am I, and I can read liars pretty well. I think Hank’s been up front with me about most of what he knows and doesn’t know.9251002751913500504200

What I do find interesting is the connection (that a number of Investigators have made) that the EXO-PRECURSORS could be connected to the November Lima Vehicles…phiwdphdbkebtginkmnkj

After all, let’s not forget, Ken Owen was a signal — a message. Collateral damage. The real power struggle has nothing to do with him — it’s about November Lima.


Source: Investigate Ingress