It seems my ‘whodunit poll’ from yesterday may have raised a few eyebrows in high place. It certainly seemed to be a central topic of concern in this surveilled conversation between Jay Phillips and Akira Tsukasa. I will admit though, these two are definitely talking ‘around’ a topic — they are saying something without saying it…

I’m still trying to figure out what’s hidden between the lines here…


TSUKASA: Good afternoon, Jay.
PHILLIPS: Still morning for a few minutes, Major. Appreciate you taking the call.
TSUKASA: Akira, I insist. We’ll be working closely, I’m sure.
PHILLIPS: Is that so?
TSUKASA: I certainly hope so.
PHILLIPS: I’m guessing you saw the latest on Chapeau’s blog.
TSUKASA: You and I share a privileged position near the top of his little poll.
PHILLIPS: Heard you have a nice, clean alibi.
TSUKASA: Perhaps you also heard I magically teleportalled to D.C. that evening.
PHILLIPS: I’ve read your file. You’re fancy but not that fancy.
TSUKASA: You have a wonderful sense of humor, Jay. Yes, I’ve been in Shanghai for some important meetings.m0rquZriru5swum3wdHe
PHILLIPS: Heard Lorazon was in Shanghai, too.
TSUKASA: Yes, he very graciously cleared his calendar to be present when he learned I would be here. His presence has, of course, been valuable.
TSUKASA: I’ll be straightforward, Jay. Was it you? Are the conspiracists right for once?
PHILLIPS: I know my rep. Ken was a lancet, I’m a morning star. I’m good with that. But we balanced out. I had no interest in cutting off A useful foot.
TSUKASA: It’s good to hear that.
PHILLIPS: I do think it’s strange that an Omnivore fault caused the surveillance blackout that night.Z3AkySQws3ugx207UmCn
TSUKASA: Yes, that is certainly hard to explain.
PHILLIPS: I like to know when there are snakes in my back yard. I’m good at it. Especially when those snakes have worked for me in the past.
TSUKASA: I like your candor, Jay. I hope we have a long and fruitful working relationship.
PHILLIPS: That’s good to hear, Major.


Source: Investigate Ingress