I’ve been wondering the same thing a lot of the Agents in D.C. were wondering when I met them last weekend: ‘What is an Exogenous Precursor?’

I turned to the Three Wise Men of Ingress (Stein Lightman, Yuri Alaric Nagassa and Martin Schubert) for answers. It took them a few days, but they finally got back to me. You can judge for yourself whether they know any more than we do…

YURI ALARIC NAGASSA: “Kureze and I once postulated that things could be sent through the Portal Network in much the same way an email is sent via the internet: In small packets and which are reassembled in some form upon arriving at their final destination — in this case, in our Dimensional Node. Exactly what form that takes is not clear to me. My first guess would be that the Exogenous Entities seen in Remote Participation Exercises could be our minds attempting to process things beyond our reach — the extradimensional and the Exogenous.

STEIN LIGHTMAN: Perhaps complex Glyphic structures (encoded instructions) could allow them to re-assemble and acquire knowledge, form and skills relative to the Dimensional Node in which they have manifested (or in plain language, where they have arrived). In theory, if properly assembled the Precursors could manifest as intelligent ‘indigenous entities’ capable of operating within this dimensional reality. I would suspect that if one or more Precursors were to manifest in our world, they would begin to interface with everything they touch: Agents, Portals, who knows what else. I do not know why the Exogenous we have seen so far did not appear to be fully resolved and adapted to this world, but perhaps that is the result of both Remote Participation and wild, foolish endeavors like Misty’s Mind Palace escapade.5fos6peollieg7u3j

MARTIN SCHUBERT: Frankly it all sounds like a bunch of babble to me. Call me when you anyone has actually see an Exogenous Precursor. My guess is that somebody is searching for funding to study non-existent objects. Trust me, it works and the money’s not bad, but that doesn’t make the thing real.3dkc8iavnuvee9w4v

As you can see, their answers aren’t exactly dispositive. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what unfolds… Misty might know, but she’s not talking if she does.


Source: Investigate Ingress