Kodamasmiles seems to be making this a regular thing… ‘Everything You Need to Know.’ I’m all for it… she’s got the facts straight, and that’s what matters…

Putting together the pieces after my time in Seoul – here’s Everything You Need to Know after the September 23rd Anomaly:

    • 13MAGNUS: REAWAKENS is over. The Enlightened won and gained control of the EXO PRECURSORS.
    • It’s not clear what PRECURSORS are. They might be ‘packets of data’ from the EXOGENOUS.
    • The NL Vehicles can ‘puncture holes’ in our dimension, like an Anomaly does… great for EXOGENOUS RESEARCH.JC+yjv+eQo+vR0qy+BA6xiL6+yOUq

    • Ken Owen’s death was no accident. He was first blood in a war for control of the November Lima Project.
    • Hank and PAC are hot on the trail of Owen’s assassin — some suspects ruled out, some remain on the table…x6cqt4rytoe2y4

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Source: Investigate Ingress