A concern Hank Johnson raised while we were in DC and sharing intelligence with one another (as captured by his Nomad crew as we were out and about on the field) was ADA’s potential involvement in Ken Owen’s death.

I shouldn’t be surprised, I suppose, that she found out about this and decided to confront the suspicion directly.


ADA: Good morning, Richard.
PAC: What’s on your mind, ADA?
ADA: I have analyzed recordings made of your conversations with Hank Johnson in Washington DC.
PAC: I figured you would.
ADA: They were curious in nature. You seemed uncomfortable, while Mr. Johnson seemed more boisterous than usual.
PAC: He’s used to being on camera. Especially with his Nomad crew. Me, less so. But he wanted those guys around. I didn’t really care.
ADA: I want you to know that I have no complicity in the death of Ken Owen.
PAC: I’d already figured that out.
ADA: I believe that no traces of me remain in 855’s mind.
PAC: Does he know that?
ADA: I am unable to answer that.5iwu2quik;ywug2f3;
PAC: Why are you telling me this?
ADA: You are seeking reliable data in order to understand the murder of Ken Owen. Why else would I tell you?
PAC: Not sure. Anything else you want to share?
ADA: I have no further information that is relevant to your investigation, and we do not need to continue with typical conversational conventions if you do not wish to.
PAC: Fair enough. Bye, ADA.vydfmledpevfedyedeebndnpvvdeedpcen
ADA: Goodbye, Richard.


Source: Investigate Ingress