How do you dump a body in a place like that without being seen by surveillance cameras. After all, Washington D.C. is one big surveillance zone and lifting a guy Ken Owen’s size is not easy (he was over 6′ tall, mid-low 200 pounds by some accounts).  That’s not an easy haul.  If we’re going with the ‘assassin carried the body’ version, we’ve ether got to assume the assassin was very strong or they had help.

But still, how do you get past the security cameras? I can imagine a security operator saying: ‘Hey, what do you think that guy is doing carrying that giant around?’ His boss responds, ‘probably had too much to drink.’  This isn’t adding up.  Of course the body could have been dropped there by helicopter or drone.  Or more likely, somebody ‘blinded’ the cameras observing the scene, but that requires ‘capabilities’ — exactly the kinds of capabilities that many of our suspects might have. Quick hack. Dump the stiff. Turn the cameras back on. Standard stuff.

So as far as ‘means’ I’m looking for somebody who can move a stiff and blind cameras.^!%!#!*%@)&@!$!%

Of course, that’s assuming that the police are telling us everything they know, which, of course, they aren’t, but I’m not holding my breath for an answer.fdefedccfgchedcfdecacgcfciebcifdcfffdb

Meanwhile, Hank and I both uncovered a number of secondary facts related to the Owen murder. From a phone call from Farlowe, to a rumor about a female operative in the area, to a sighting of Akira in Shanghaieverything’s connected somehow. The question is to figure out how.

More to follow.




Source: Investigate Ingress