I was rooting for the Resistance to carry this one. Looks like Hank got his way, and — if the science folks’ prediction holds up — the Enlightened will gain control of the EXO PRECURSORS. At this point that whole topic is mired in unknowns — but we do know one thing: who will control them — and that’s a big something.

Hank and I were on opposite sides of the field yesterday, but that didn’t stop us from continuing to hunt for the truth hidden in the Ken Owen Murder Mystery.

We think he was killed with a handgun, but until we see a coroner’s report (which is pending, and I’m guessing will be for some time), let’s go with what we know.

‘Owen was found dead in the early morning hours of September 9, 2017 of apparent gunshot wounds on the grounds of the Kennedy Center’. We have no reports of when he was last seen alive, but those might emerge. But we can ask, how did he get to the Kennedy Center?

Was he lured to a meeting there and shot? How’s that go down? “Hey Ken, let’s have a secret meeting at the exact place where Roland Jarvis and Oliver Lynton-Wolfe had their throwdown after Cassandra.”

“Sure, unidentified caller, I’ll be right there.”po1x35qq01q28yyy9ql1xyy0

Not likely. Either Owens knew his killer quite well or he was killed elsewhere and his body was dumped there.

And what kind of an unidentified caller would he meet in a place that sinister? “Hey, why not the patio outside the Willard instead.” (I had dinner there last night. Great Baba au Rhum).

Anyway, I’m guessing he met somewhere else and was dumped there, but if any of you Agents have a plausible theory otherwise, I’d love to hear it.47e4pfwvmtkga5

More tomorrow… Hank and I got pretty deep in on the ‘means’ part of the conversation, and this ain’t all of it…


Source: Investigate Ingress