Hank and I might be at cross purposes here in Washington D.C. — he’s hoping that the Enlightened win and wrest control of the Exogenous Precursors and I’m pulling for the Resistance, but we do have one goal in common: To solve the Ken Owen mystery.

Given Hank’s Rogues Gallery of potential assassins (855, Claudia Glas, J. Phillips, Hubert Farlowe, Antoine Smith and Avril Lorazon) who might have killed Ken Owens, we know that there was probably some larger entity or individual behind it, but we won’t be able to figure that out until we know who the hitter is.

In any mystery, we need a victim, suspects, means, motive and method.

As Hank said, The Victim was Ken Owens. He was brought on after I left Niantic, so I don’t know him well but he was always a fascinating media Svengali puppet-mastering the haze that surrounded the Niantic Investigation.

It could be said that my job was to see through the smoke that Ken Owens generated.8qdp2kzgsc2a2g

Sometimes, Agents and I figured out things by simply asking why he created a smokescreen.
But that was then, this is now. Ken Owen’s mortal remains are probably on a slab somewhere in an undisclosed morgue or maybe they’ve been cremated and thus created a smoke of their own. You decide.

Given that we have had no official word from the Washington P.D. other than the fact that ‘The deceased, Kenneth Owens (50) of Washington D.C. was found dead in the early morning hours of September 9, 2017 of apparent gunshot wounds on the grounds of the Kennedy Center’, everYthing else has been fogged behind the usual talk of an ‘ongoing investigation’ and ‘following up several leads.’

You want my opinion, nobody is following up anything and the powers-that-be just want us to forget about it.

Of course, we will not forget about it. We’ll get into motive, later, but for now let’s focus on the ‘means.’sqvounuusnupuquouovquusovtspvu


Source: Investigate Ingress