So I get an anonymous text. It reads, “In case you haven’t figure it out, the Exogenous activities you encountered in Misty’s Mind palace were Exogenous Precursors. We have theorized them, but never actually seen them. I except we will soon. From where? I suggest you look to the DC Anomaly and what Akira Tsukasa, the NIA and IQTech are really fighting over.”

I pretty much know what they’re fighting over, and that is the November Lima Program. If you recall, NL1331 was originally created for the Niantic Project and may or may not have been the same unit that transported the XM infused body (or simulacrum) of Roland Jarvis, who was killed at the Zurich Train station on Epiphany night. Exactly which vehicle that was has been a bit of an intel shell game. The program has then continued on to produce a number of official vehicles (five by my count) and several unofficial vehicles.

NL1331E is touring Europe and there is a great deal of speculation on its real purpose, mission and exactly what equipment it contains. I would love to have a clearer picture of that. There are rumors of expansion of the November Lima program.

As the original NL1331 was funded by the NIA and constructed by IQTech in a classic ‘crony capitalism’ scenario, there has been conflict as to the ownership of the program. This seems to be coming to a head. The question is whether this has anything to do with the Murder of Ken Owen and the coming events at the DC Anomaly.2urw7l;miq8b4/

Why do I think they’re all connected?


Source: Investigate Ingress