News: Investigate Ingress

Reliable Data

A concern Hank Johnson raised while we were in DC and sharing intelligence with one another (as captured by his Nomad crew as we were out and about on the field) was ADA’s potential involvement in Ken Owen’s death. I shouldn’t be surprised, I suppose, that she found out about Read more…

News: Investigate Ingress

DC Findings

How do you dump a body in a place like that without being seen by surveillance cameras. After all, Washington D.C. is one big surveillance zone and lifting a guy Ken Owen’s size is not easy (he was over 6′ tall, mid-low 200 pounds by some accounts).  That’s not an easy haul.  If Read more…

News: FEV Games

EXO5 Controller Event!

With the coming anomaly series #EXO5, Niantic has created a side event for those that can’t participate in person (and also for medal collectors) called the #EXO5 Controller Event! When From: October 2nd 23:59 UTC To: October 16 23:59 UTC   What This event will reward the EXO5 Controller Medal Read more…